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F A C T   S H E E T

The Laguna Connection (also called TLC) is a software product that allows point to point communications between computers using the PICK Data Base System.
  • Communication software that transfers data between two computers:
    • By local transmission via asynchronous RS232 cable

    • By remote transmission via modems(See Modem List)

    • In the background via unattended operation

  • TLC provides reliable communications between systems despite differences in manufacturers and software release levels.
  • TLC is not cheap, extremely fast, or a terminal emulator.

  • TLC provides 100% reliable data transfers.
  • Data is sent and received at the same speed Normal speed is 10%-50% of the baud rate. Speed will vary from 0% - 100+ depending on external factors such as modems, file allocation, distance, item size, machine load, and communication path delays (i.e., calls routed via satellite).
  • TLC is loaded on each computer within the network to insure data integrity.
  • Most major PICK manufacturers and licensees are supported.
  • TLC allows economical operation (Auto-dial operation can utilize low cost phone rates without operator supervision.
  • Various in-depth reports summarize all data transfers and events
  • Items, groups of items, files, and accountscan be sent.
  • TLC provides an easy to use menu driven application with complete  on-line documentation
  1. Systems running with Pick as the Operating System and systems running Advanced Pick or uniVerse with another OS such as Unix can be networked together.
  2. When a 9600 Baud rate is used and items are greater than 1000 bytes, data is transferred at 60% of the Baud rate, which is over 2 megabytes per hour. Speed will vary depending on other external factors such as file allocation, distance, machine load, and communication path.