Inventory availability, current credit status, timely order entry, and pricing information require up-to-the-second accuracy when operating in the competitive distribution marketplace where many times the only opportunity for the sale is now.

Maintaining accurate and timely information is further complicated in a multi-warehouse, multi-sales office environment. Distributors need the ability to commit inventory, prices, and delivery from multiple warehouses to satisfy customer demand and secure new business.

DISPAC has been designed to operate in real time, and all files are updated as transactions occur. The system truly reflects the real-time operation of the business. most Systems maintain pseudo real-time files and make batch runs at the end of the day to update the master files.) DISPAC, being a real-time system, also operates as a fault tolerant system where on-line transactions are updated in tandem and real time is required.

Special procedures are embedded to handle financial timing considerations so that inventory is properly valued and "lagging payables" don't slow down the month-end and year-end closing. The system is a real-time reflection of the operation and status of the business and is accurate from the smallest inventory item all the way up to the income statement and balance sheet. In fact, the financials could be produced at any time of the day.

Comprehensive internal cross checking and auditing is performed to ensure that the real-time data is in sync with the company. Companies that fully utilize DISPAC have even been advised by their CPA firms to suspend physical inventory counts.