OE-1  Input or correction of a sales order
  OE-2  Print all unprinted shippers and back order shippers
  OE-3  Input of freight and weight to a shipper
  OE-4  List all ship via codes
  OE-5  List all salesperson codes
  OE-6  List all shipper picker codes
  OE-7  Reprint a specific shipper
  OE-8  List all shipper corrections specific period - by ship #
  OE-9  List all shipper corrections specific period - by C.O.A.
  OE-10  Input or correction of a price code
  OE-11  Input or correction of order picker person codes
  OE-12  Back order directory
  OE-13  List all unshipped sales orders for a specific day
  OE-14  List all open back orders by customer
  OE-15  Sales Order actual cost adjustment directory
  OE-16  List all standard comments
  OE-17  Input or correction of salesperson codes
  OE-18 List all shipping instruction codes
  OE-19  Calls complete some or all sales orders
  OE-20  Bill of Lading Printing Directory
  OE-21  Report difference between freight charges and freight cost
  OE-22  Release an Order for shipment to a customer on Credit Hold
  OE-23  Report all Sales Orders with BO instructions of AB
  OE-24  EDI Order Entry Directory
  OE-25  EDI Advanced Ship Notice Directory
  OE-26  COD tag input and printing
  OE-27  Print Shipping Labels
  OE-28  Input or correction of agriculture delivery ticket
  OE-29  Lists Lost Sales for Day, Period or Year
  OE-30  Lists Sales Orders - Ship Date vs Order Date Difference
  OE-31  Input or Correction of Sales Order Performace Data
  OE-32 Input or Correction of Shipping Performance Codes