IP-1  Prints all unprinted invoices
  IP-2  Acknowledgement directory
  IP-3  Remove the invoice from a zero quantity shipper
  IP-4  Lists all un-invoiced shippers
  IP-5  Reprints an invoice
  IP-6  Lists invoice status report
  IP-7  Lists all un-invoiced shippers - by part #
  IP-8  Input or Correction of a List of Quotes for Automatic Processing
  IP-9  Process a list of Quotes into Shippers/Invoices/Requisitions
  IP-10  Process a list of Quotes into a Job
  IP-11 Process Uninvoiced Shippers into Invoices - Given IP-8 List Name
  IP-12  List Quotes - Given IP-8 List Name
  IP-13  Input or correction of IP-8 List - given Quote Number
  IP-14  Batch Update: Price All Quotes with current INV-1 Price - Spec Inv
  IP-15  Batch Update: Price All IP-8 Lists with current Quoted Prices
  IP-16  Report a list of quotes by brand by customer
  IP-17  Custom Form Printed

Custom Form Printed