INV-1  Input or Correction of an Inventory Item
  INV-2  Inventory Listing Directory
  INV-3  List All Unit of Measure Codes
  INV-4  Inventory Ledger Card Directory
  INV-5  List Total Purchases for Each COA Y.T.D.
  INV-6  Inventory Display for a Specific Location
  INV-7  Physical Inventory Directory
  INV-8  List All Manufacturer Codes
  INV-9  List All Inventory Type Codes
  INV-10  Inventory Display - System Totals
  INV-11  Inventory Adjustment Directory
  INV-12  List Over-stocked Items
  INV-13  Inventory Display Screen - With Price Breaks
  INV-14  Input or Correction of Sub Locs (In-house Destination)
  NIV-15  Input or Correction of Inventory Type Codes
  INV-16 Reconcile Inventory - System-generated MGJ
  INV-17 List QOH, Actual Cost for One-word Description
  INV-18 Print Inventory Buy Cards
  INV-19 Calculate and Report Inventory Ageing
  INV-20 Print BAR-CODE Labels
  INV-21  Contract Pricing Directory
  INV-22 Inventory Comment Report
  INV-23  Inventory Purchase/Sales Tax Report - By Part By Loc
  INV-24  Inventory Purchasing Tax Code Report
  INV-25  Inventory Sales Tax Code Report
  INV-26 Inventory Cost Change Directory
  NV-27  Print 3-1/2 inch x 15/16 inch Inventory Labels
  INV-28  Print 1 inch x 2-5/8 inch Laser Inventory Labels
  INV-29  Customer Inventory Id Cross Reference Screen
  INV-30  Customer Inventory Id Cross Reference Report
  INV-31  Batch Process - Update Inv Sell price - by Formula
  INV-32  Batch Process - Update Inv Sell Price - % of Retail
  INV-33  Reports Prices and Discounts given Customer and Part#
  INV-34 Inventory Costs Input Screen - Standard, Market, Actual, Budget