FM-1  Start-up Directory
  FM-2  JET Word Processing Front End
  FM-3  Teaching Course Directory
  FM-4  List the Elements of a List
  FM-5  Input or Correction of a List
  FM-6  File Stripping Directory
  FM-7  File Retrieval Directory
  FM-8  Dictionary Update
  FM-9  Unlock A Procedure - In Use By Another User
  FM-10  Process All Statistics - Inv, GA, Asset, Cust & Vend
  FM-11  Set up user access codes to the system
  FM-12  Change user password
  FM-13  Generates inverted files for Inv, Ga Assets & Spreadsheets
  FM-14  Lists system usage for date range - by user or procedure
  FM-15  File Archive Directory
  FM-16  Program Function Keys
  FM-17  Lists system usage for a specific procedure
  FM-18  Procedure usage printout for all days
  FM-19  Merge two customers into one - non-reversible
  FM-20  FILE-SAVE (save the system to mag tape)
  FM-21  Posts the QOO and QBO from Source Docs to Inventory
  FM-22  Inverts the RMA file (RA-1)
  FM-23  Inverts all ENTITY files - Customer, Vendor, Prospect ...
  FM-24  Inverts the Drop Ship File (OE-1)
  FM-25  Prints File-Save and Month-End Tape Labels
  FM-26  Enter or Update Line Numbers on Statement
  FM-27  Inverts the Word Processing File (FM-2)
  FM-28  Input and Correction of User Default Values
  FM-29  List User Default Settings - by Procedure, by Usercode
  FM-30  Create/Update the Locations Search/Look-up Lists
  FM-31  Create/Update the Job Search/Look-up Lists
  FM-32  Port Configuration Directory
  FM-33  Forms Printer Setup Screen
  FM-34  Location Printer Form Number Setup Screen
  FM-35  Group Format Error Check - After System Crash
  FM-36  Group Format Error Listing - After GFE Check
  FM-37  Input or Correction of Terminal Escape Code Definitions
  FM-38  Input or Correction of Printer Escape Code Definitions
  FM-39  Missing Links to the Data Base
  FM-40  List Dispac User Access
  FM-41  List Procedure Usage
  FM-42  Input or Correction of Procedure Restriction Times
  FM-43  List Procedure Restriction Times
  FM-44  List Dispac User System Usage
  FM-45  List All Users and Usercodes
  FM-46  Update receivers with current standard cost
  FM-47  Input or Correction of Fax Descriptors
  FM-48  Merge two Vendors into one Vendor
  FM-49  File Reallocation Directory
  FM-50  Input or Correction of Screen Passwords
  FM-51  Input or Correction of Archive Parameters