CUST-1 Input or Correction of a Customer
  CUST-2 List Customers with Pay From or Ship To Address
  CUST-3 List All Customer Term Codes
  CUST-4 List Monthly Sales to All Customers or a Specific Customer - By Cust
  CUST-5 List Parent Customers and Their Children Customers
  CUST-6 List Customer Ageing, Accounts Receivable Detail & Open Memo Detail
  CUST-7 List All State & Country Codes
  CUST-8 Customer Prospect File Directory
  CUST-9  List All Customer Price Codes
  CUST-10  Master Customer Input or Correction Screen
  CUST-11  Create the Customer List Using Name & Phone Number
  CUST-12  List All Customers in a Specific State - By Zip, By Name
  CUST-13  List All Customers - By Name
  CUST-14  List Customers in a Specific City - By Zip
  CUST-15  List All Parts Purchased by a Specific Customer - By Part #
  CUST-16  Customer Profile Display
  CUST-17  Customer Ledger Card Display
  CUST-18  Print One or More Customer Ledger Cards
  CUST-19  Customer Ageing - Days Past Due - 2 Current Buckets
  CUST-20  Customer Ageing - Days Past Due - 1 Current Bucket
  CUST-21  Print Customer File Labels
  CUST-22  List All Sales Tax Codes - By Tax Percentage
  CUST-23  Calculate / Produce Sales Tax Floppy Disk - Custom Proc
  CUST-24  Calculate / Report Sales Tax Floppy Disk - Custom Proc
  CUST-25  List Customers with Additional Customer Code - By Code, By Name
  CUST-26  List Customer Information Including Fax Number
  CUST-27  List All Customers Without Resale Cards - By Ship To Name
  CUST-28 Print Letters Requesting Resale Cards
  CUST-29 List Customers with a Specific Location & Type Code - By Price Type
  CUST-30  List Customers with a Specific Location & Type Code - By Salesperson
  CUST-31  List Customers with Specific Location, Terms & Type Code - By Terms
  CUST-32  Month-by-month Sales Record for a Twelve Month Period
  CUST-33  List All Salesperson Codes - By Name
  CUST-34  List All Drop Ship Names & Addresses - By Name
  CUST-35  List All Customers for Specific Salesperson - By Slsperson, By Cust
  CUST-36  List All Customers on Credit Hold - By Customer Name
  CUST-37  List All Customers or Prospects - By Zip, By Area Code
  CUST-38  List Customers - By State, By Salesperson
  CUST-39  List Customers NOT Sold Beyond a Specific Date - By Salesperson
  CUST-40  Print Mailing Labels to Customers
  CUST-41  Print Spooled Mailing Labels to Customers
  CUST-42  Customer Ageing Past 0 30 45 60 90 120 Days
  CUST-43  Customer Subscriber File Directory
  CUST-44  Input or Correction of Additional Customer Information
  CUST-45  List SO's for Customers on Credit Hold - By Salesperson
  CUST-46  List Customers with No Purchase Date - By Salesperson, By Input Date
  CUST-47  List Customers with Purchase Date for a Specific Month
  CUST-48  List Consolidated Customer Ageings - By Customer
  CUST-49  Batch Customer Ledger Cards for All Years
  CUST-50  List Customer Ageing & Accounts Receivable Detail - By Customer Name
  CUST-51  List All Sales for a Specific Customer or Group of Customers for Three Specific Time Periods - By Customer ID
  CUST-52  Reprint CUST-51 Using Data from the Last Calculation
  CUST-53  Customer Price Type Directory
  CUST-54  Additional Customer Information (Trade Show)
  CUST-55  List Discount Codes for Order Entry
  CUST-56  List Customers with a Specific or All Tax Codes
  CUST-57  List Customer Information with a Specific Price Type - By Customer
  CUST-58  List Customer Information with Name, Terms, Credit Limit, Territory,
Salesperson, Type and Price Code
  CUST-59  List Customer Ageing - By Name, Customer Type or Credit Terms
  CUST-60  List Customer Ageing for Due Date/Customer Type - By Customer Name
  CUST-61  List Receivables with Subtotals for User-selected Time Periods
  CUST-62  List All Active Customers from a Specific Point in Time
  CUST-63  List Customer Ageing with Extended Days Past Due Date - By Customer
  CUST-64  Lists sales for a (12) month period by primary sales location
  CUST-65  Lists discount schedules for customers and/or inventory items
  CUST-66  List customer ageing - due date type - by salesperson
  CUST-67  List customer ageing for due date/customer type - by column
  CUST-68  List customer - with comment
  CUST-69  Fleet Credit Card Directory
  CUST-70  List Miscellaneous Customer Master Information
  CUST-71  Print 1 inch X 2-5/8 inch laser address labels
  CUST-72  Print Customer Order Form - Week-By-Week Sales Analysis