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United Scientific Inc. is a small energetic company in Northern California. Our city, San Leandro, is located an hour away from the coastal Monterey pines to the South - and the great California redwoods to the North.
The company was named United Scientific Products for its unified and united approach to business, product development, service and quality.
Service and United Scientific Products. Service is so important that every employee must attend a service meeting and additional training twice a month.
Quality and United Scientific Products. We will not sell a product we deem inferior! If there are complaints on any of the products, they must be reported and turned over to the responsible party at once.
Price and United Scientific Products. On many items there are savings of more than 50%. We are always after a better way to acquire and produce products so the end-user can buy quality for less. But we also know that if the product doesn't work for you, it doesn't matter how great the savings are.
Employees and United Scientific Products. The belief that our people are an important resource was there from the beginning. Our corporate policy statement says that all the employees of United Scientific Products must share in its profits - and that is the way it will stay.
The Environment and United Scientific Products. We know that we cannot solve all the environmental problems in the world. But we did not make an excuse for doing nothing. We have chosen reforestation of the United States and the globe as our target for funding, and fully support industry recycling standards.
When you call with an order, you can ask us how we do recycling of packaging materials and scrap plastic. We will also tell you what particular reforestation programs your purchase dollars are involved in.