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Carolina's Fluid Flows With the New, by Jim Tremayne.

The extensive article describes the opening of a new club in Greensboro, N.C, and the incredibe light and sound equipment that was installed.  The article contains the following quote:

"Installed by the Marina Dell Ray, Cal. -based Tom Connors Design, the club's main sound system includes eight Radian RPX-116 speakers, three Radian RBS-218 subs, three QSC MX3000 and four QSC MX1500 power amps, one Rane AC22 crossover, one Rane GE60 EQ, one Gemini PS-900 DJ mixer, two Technics SL-1200 mkll turntabes, and one Denon DN-2000F dual CD player."

Says Feiwall: "By far, this is the most intense sound system I've heard in a club in a long time.  I would put Radian on par with most quality speakers."

Adds Rutherford: "As an OEM manufacturer, Radian (based in Orange, Cal.) is best known for the parts they build for other companies.    They decided recently to produce their own speaker line.  The trick to what they produced is that they make very high-powered 12-inch, 15-inch and even eight-inch coaxial speakers.  And when you provide the quality sound in a coaxial speaker like that, you get extremely transparent, extremely coherent sound.  There's just not a lot out there that sounds a lot better - unless you spend a lot more money."