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Liberty began in 1984 as a manufacturer of plastic and stainless steel ball bearings, specializing in bearings for the photofinishing industry. We quickly learned that the needs of the industry went far beyond that of just ball bearings. In response, our product line grew to include a full range of equipment replacement parts, production supplies and innovative equipment. Our line of replacement parts includes rollers, tires (gummy rollers), squeegee wipers, leaderbelts, paper clips and much, much more. Production supplies consist of leaders, barcoded heat seal tapes, adhesive tapes, online sleeving supplies, reorder supplies, and the list goes on and on. Our range of equipment includes pre and post-inspection equipment, film rewinders, Light Locks, darkroom infrared cameras and submersible infrared cameras. Our complete product range now consists of over 2500 items.  Today, Liberty is regarded as a valued supplier to many equipment manufactures such as Colex, GPE, Gretag, Hicks, Houston Fearless International, Kodak, San Marco, Systel and Technolab.