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Bridge Associates is a source for multiple product needs, complementing your established supplier network.
Your customer's requirements and your need for a reliable and responsive source for computer products can effectively be met by using Bridge Associates. Our business efforts and experience is directed exclusively on product marketing and support.
Bridge Associates is different from other distributors because we specialize solely in the international marketplace...providing computer system add-ons and upgrades, data storage and communications products.
With more than 15 years of experience in the global market, we understand the problems you face...and have the answers for you.
You want to keep customers satisfied by offering all the products they want. But you don't always have time to establish new working relationships with manufacturers in the U.S.
That's where Bridge Associates comes in.
Based on your request, we identify the product source, then thoroughly evaluate a product's quality as well as the financial stability and integrity of the manufacturer. Contractual, logistical, and administrative delays you usually face with new suppliers are eliminated, and your sales productivity is increased.
When you access Bridge Associates, you get competitive prices, avoid delays, and your customer's demands are met efficiently.