CUST-2 List Customers with Pay From or Ship To Address
CUST-3 List All Customer Term Codes
CUST-5 List Parent Customers and Their Children Customers
CUST-7 List All State & Country Codes
CUST-9 List All Customer Price Codes
CUST-12 List All Customers in a Specific State - By Zip, By Name
CUST-13 List All Customers - By Name
CUST-14 List Customers in a Specific City - By Zip
CUST-15 List All Parts Purchased by a Specific Customer - By Part #
CUST-22 List All Sales Tax Codes - By Tax Percentage
CUST-25 List Customers with Additional Customer Code - By Code, By Name
CUST-26 List Customer Information Including Fax Number
CUST-27 List All Customers Without Resale Cards - By Ship To Name
CUST-29 List Customers with a Specific Location & Type Code - By Price Type
CUST-30 List Customers with a Specific Location & Type Code - By Salesperson
CUST-31 List Customers with Specific Location, Terms & Type Code - By Terms
CUST-33 List All Salesperson Codes - By Name
CUST-34 List All Drop Ship Names & Addresses - By Name
CUST-35 List All Customers for Specific Salesperson - By Slsperson, By Cust
CUST-36 List All Customers on Credit Hold - By Customer Name
CUST-37 List All Customers or Prospects - By Zip, By Area Code
CUST-38 List Customers - By State, By Salesperson
CUST-45 List SO's for Customers on Credit Hold - By Salesperson
CUST-46 List Customers with No Purchase Date - By Salesperson, By Input Date
CUST-55 List Discount Codes for Order Entry
CUST-56 List Customers with a Specific or All Tax Codes
CUST-57 List Customer Information with a Specific Price Type - By Customer
CUST-58 List Customer Information with Name, Terms, Credit Limit, Territory, Salesperson, Type and Price Code
CUST-62 List All Active Customers from a Specific Point in Time
CUST-68 List customer - with comment
CUST-70 List Miscellaneous Customer Master Information