CUST-6 List Customer Ageing, Accounts Receivable Detail & Open Memo Detail
CUST-19 Customer Ageing - Days Past Due - 2 Current Buckets
CUST-20 Customer Ageing - Days Past Due - 1 Current Bucket
CUST42 Customer Ageing Past 0 30 45 60 90 120 Days
CUST-48 List Consolidated Customer Ageings - By Customer
CUST-50 List Customer Ageing & Accounts Receivable Detail - By Customer Name
CUST-59 List Customer Ageing - By Name, Customer Type or Credit Terms
CUST-60 List Customer Ageing for Due Date/Customer Type - By Customer Name
CUST-61 List Receivables with Subtotals for User-selected Time Periods
CUST-63 List Customer Ageing with Extended Days Past Due Date - By Customer
CUST-66 List customer ageing - due date type - by salesperson
CUST-67 List customer ageing for due date/customer type - by column